Fix Jiggly Level Set Liquids?

Hello folks,
I have an effect just about dialed in, but I’m getting some strange behavior with a liquid I’ve created using the fields level set nodes. Basically, they look a little jiggly…like jell-o. I’m going for something smoother more like milk. Would anyone mind taking a peak at my dfx or making some suggestions on possible fixes? Also, I’m struggling to get this up to real-time 30fps, so if you happen to run across any optimizations that could help with that too, I’d be super grateful!

Hey there,

I think the cause of the “Jiggling” is just the mesh smoothing parameter being whacked up to 100. Smoothing isn’t a temporal process so 2 frames with slightly different geometry going in can have massively different outcomes after a really heavy amount of smoothing. I’d suggest you try using the Procedural Melt node instead to smooth the system - it does a better job of smoothing stuff at high levels without getting really jittery.