Subsurface scattering in substance material

Hey everybody,
Looking for a way to fake subsurface scattering in Notch and I stumbled upon Notch reference page about substance material. Although it is mentioned in the manual unfortunately this option is not present in the actual material. any idea?

It looks like there was a mistake on that node - that feature was deprecated a while back and this page must have been forgotten - but rest assured the option is not going away forever. I’ve cut it from the manual to avoid any confusion :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ryan for the clarification.
Yes, please give us back subsurface scattering as soon as possible! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think pathtraced SSS would be a valuable add-on but most of all it would be great having some kind of fake/cheap SSS/transmittance effect for realtime playing with more soft/organic materials.
I think about something like skin shader in unity or sss viewport preview in substance painter
Do you suggest opening a feature request on this subject?

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Nah don’t worry about it, without giving too much way… check out Matt Swobodas Instagram feed.

Should we wait long? :smirk: :grimacing: :speak_no_evil:

There’s a big overhaul coming with this release, so while I don’t have any timeline it wont be any time soon.