Useful shaders like blender shaders

I am learning how to use notch and have a question about shaders.

In blender, it has many useful shaders,example glass BSDF,principled BSDF.

Does notch have shaders like that?

I want to reproduction metal or glass material in notch at blender quality.


substance textures load nicely into a dxf notch scene, but if you put too many in one scene it will not be too happy. Ran into some lag while loading/crashes while saving with about a dozen substance files in one project’s resource tab, with only one of them actually in the scene.

PBR is also useful to have the separate image files.

Really hope to one day see something like C4D’s content browser one day in Notch, that would provide previews of any textures that the use has created, collected, in addition to any ‘default’ materials.

every time a dfx is loaded with a substance material , every textures must be recalculated. and with complex textures in 4k…it can take time, I tested with 35 material in 2K. it takes time to load but it doesn’t crash.

and yes a content browser would be a very good thing. Maybe in a future version…

For the blender material, I don’t know blender so I can’t tell you too much. But the realtime materials and materials for offline rendering are not the same thing. Notch use PBR pipeline which is common to all the recent realtime 3D engine.

A good rule of thumb is that once you are happy with your Substance materials, you should bake them down to save resources. If they are not going to change them, then static materials are great as the engine can treat them in a much more efficient and predictable way.

that’s a good way, Bent. Just trying around with substance. The problem is, baked Maps don’t behave the same in Notch… Emissive maps behave differently ( although i don’t know what it really is doing in notch ) - I am also unclear about AO Maps - but that was maybe my error… maybe a clear walk through how to set up either substance or notch correctly ( there are some examples in the documentation but it’s not as straightforward as it looks in your doc…) would ne super helpful

hi !,

For the emissive, notch use greyscale texture.

With Substance designer you need to blend the emissive with diffuse (with a blend node) and you need an emissive texture in greyscale. (just add a node to convert color to greyscale). and re export the sbsar.

I figured this after trying around. Its not 100% clear to me why the emissive Maps are Greyscale, as the emissive might use another color then the diffuse / color - so in that case, the emiisive just tells the system what parts of the color texture need to glow, right?
I am talking about baked textures here… not the sbsar…