Fresnel effect in Notch?

Hi fellow notchers
is there an equivalent in Notch tothe fresnel effect in Cinema 4D? I mean for material is there a way to control a parameter relatively to the viewing angle? For instance for a transperent sphere the polygons directly facing the camera would be completely see-through ; and as the polys get more and more angled they would get less and less transparent.
I looked into the reference manual but haven’t wuld anything so far.


I would also like to see it

Hi, I am also a big fan of the Fresnel-effect, I usually go with the Rim Lighting option, but agree, this is not the same effect. (or with a more complicated way - another render layer with a gradient shader node in the material output)
Anyway, some sort of a layering system would be nice to have in order to combine different shader types.

The Material node has a fresnel amount property, so if you set that up as a glass material you can get a similar effect to what your looking for I think.

How does this look?

FresnelSphere.dfx (1.5 MB)

– Ryan


Looks amazing! thanks

Oh, many thanks again:)