Status of the Morph Target Support

In which form Notch supports Morph Targets from which 3D File Formats?

There is a Morph Controller (Deformers), but it’s not mentioned in the documentation at all (pages are missing)… Would be great to know more about, hope the forum gives some insight or would it be better to ask in the Facebook Group?

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We’re still writing the documentation for it, but yes: Notch support Blend Shapes from FBX and Alembic mesh formats.

Ok, thanks, it works from a certain FBX onwards (couldn’t find out from which in detail) but it morphs wrongly. Hope you can post some more details about it in the documentation, seems it ignores the pivot of the mesh…

it works…somehow. I almost force it to work, but there is a bug, after every time i open project i lost keyframes in morph weight for morph controller.

This is a known issue the support team has replicated and it’ll be addressed in a future release.

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Hi, i’m trying to work with blendshape from c4d, exported in fbx.
When i import back the fbx in c4d everythink works perfectly.
In notch, when i add the morph controller i can see the blendshape names, but nothing happens when i try to increase their weight… any cue?

Hey Fabio,

That’s pretty odd - I’ve tested it a few times and that’s always been fine. Could you send the project into ?



Hi Ryan, i have just sent a sample file to


I have the same issue, did you solved?