Spout to Resolume with Alpha

Is there a way for Notch to Spout the output with the alpha? Currently I have a scene with particles and when I spout it into Resolume the black areas (blank area/no particles) are still visible. Is it possible for Notch to spout without the black area and just the particles?

this is the scene

no I don’t want to lower the alpha through Resolume as it will affect the color of the original spout

I don’t know about Spout but you can do this with NDI, just make sure you have set your composition in Notch to include the alpha channel. You’ll find the settings for that in the root node.

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Spout should support Alpha in I’ve gotten this working running between two instances of Builder on the same machine - Can you try replicating this on your end @compatible-6053?

I’m not familiar with Resolume workflows and don’t have access to try and repro this there.

I’ve gotten it to work! Just had to change the composite blend mode in the root node from solid to ‘Blend with Luminance As Alpha’

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