Use Alpha to affect/control particles?

Hi, I’m quite a newbie when it comes to Notch.

I have a project where I want to control a floor of particles that are controlled by Kinect cameras.
Now the 6 Kinects are connected to a separate PC, running touch designer, that does a bunch of post processing to deliver a perfect alpha mask, which another PC uses to control particles in TD.
I want to use this alpha camera feed, via either SDI to NDI to control my particle simulation much like TD does normally.

Is there a way I can use this alpha mask feed as a controller for affecters in Notch?

I have a working project using the kinects directly but I won’t be able to use the direct feed from the Kinects, only the TD output if that makes any sense…

Sorry if its confusing!

You should try out the “image affector” for particles in Notch. Also, if you’re using the “clone to particles”, there’s an “image effector” that could be useful for something like this as well

Hey there,
Torbjorn’s got it right -
image affector and image emitter can translate your alpha as an emission surface.

Hi both,

This worked like a charm! Never thought about image affecters like that. Thanks!

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