spout activation

im wondering about spout activation… what would be the best way?

@Grigori: By ‘activation’ are you looking to output Spout from Notch?

yes, indeed.

Well… looks like even if I pay annual fee, you will still watermark the output… unless of course its 2500 pounds a year version…
In Australia there is a saying - Tell them - they are dreaming :slight_smile:

Spout flashes mint green and has an overlay on the Personal Learning Edition version also - Just an FYI.

Ironically I first discovered Notch via a link on the Spout homepage :).

I was also hoping to export Notch to Resolume. Hope it can be made to work or I hope there is an alternative. I haven’t tried Spout yet.

Please can you clarify:

“Spout flashes mint green”. It’s a little ambiguous. I hope this means that this only happens on the PLE edition.

Yes, Spout works on Buiilder Pro or Standalone.

Hello, I am new to Notchbuilder. My question is if it is possible to export Spout from Notch Trail (receiving it in Resolume). And if possible, how do I set it up (I am a beginner)?

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