Smoke Imag Effect

Anyone feel generous enough to point me in the right direction about how I might achieve a more volumetric smoke effect like this guy is making in TD?

Currently I am using fields an not getting any results I like - everything looks very 2D

Are there other proven ways of getting a lush/liquid-y smoke?

Here’s where I’m at:

And here is what that node set up looks like over footage:

hi Alex

Check out this stream about fields:




I would also suggest stripping your nodegraph back to the essentials and nailing the look you want first!

Create a new layer, set up your video source and pipe it into the image emitter, attached to the field root making sure that is attached directly to the root node (rather than via the render layer). Then add your renderer and have a play with some of the affectors until you are happy.

To get a 3D field make sure you apply some depth to your field root:

Then copy-paste that back into your original layer setup.


That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your two replies!!

@alex.aulson love to see how close you get to that TD look! Please share your results!

I will soon, still tweaking the look!