Field from field emitter

Hi everyone,
I’ve already posted on Fb with no answers, so I’m trying here as well… :crossed_fingers:t2:
Trying to emit field from other fields with “field - field emitter” node but with no success. What am I missing? I’m trying this very basic setup but I can see only the first field (with downward velocity applied) and nothing form the second with curl noise. I started with default values and tried various blend modes both on the root and renderer nodes but nothing happens…!
field from field.dfx (4.4 KB)

Hey There,

The Field Emitter doesnt work with 3D field systems, so that will be why it doesn’t work in this case. 2D should be fine though.



Hi Ryan,
that’s rough! you shattered all of my fieldformfielfromfield 3d daydreams :sob:
thanks for the feedback anyway, I will follow other routes then.
Maybe it’d be good to briefly clarify that on the corresponding manual page.
All the best