Particles Emitter Field

Hello Guys,

I have trouble with the particles emitter field,
I want to modify certain value with a controller, but the input of the node doesnt correspond of the property of it, and no way to connect directly on the attributes windows… Is this normal?


Raphaël ( samuel is the owner )

It looks like a lot of properties on that node aren’t editable - Good find, I wasn’t aware of that. Passed it onto the dev team to look into it.

– Ryan

Hello Ryan, Thanks to look at it :slight_smile: Also there is this input transform here…
I try to retrieve the direction of each particule to drive the rotation of each sprites… like there is in the particle point renderer or the clone to particule…
No way to do that with the particle emitter for field?

Thanks you !

Ah that functionality isn’t possible at present - the transform can apply a rotation to all the particles but not each particles based on some driving vector. will talk to the dev team about adding this and cleaning this node up a bit.

– Ryan