Help with fields and rotation

I have a dirt simple scene where i’m generating some fields from some particles.
My issue is that I want to rotate the emitter such that smoke is emitted and "left behind’ in worldspace.
This works fine with Translation…but with rotation the particles just “sit there”.

Not sure if this is making sense. Imagine holding a torch, forget the fire…the smoke will go up when you stand still. When you walk, the smoke will ‘trail behind’…Notch does this fine…BUT when i SPIN the torch, the smoke just stays in one place. I’m trying to get the effect of spinning a cylindrical smoke emitter where the smoke is ‘trailing’ back…but nada.

any help greatly appreciated,

Try adjusting the Parent Transform Weight attribute within the Primitive Emitter.

@segmoria thanks for fast response! That really helped with the particles…you can basically see them around the ‘equator’ of the sphere as the blurry colored dots here.

The issue I’m still having is the Fields are just ‘wafting up’ with no sense of rotational offsets/momentum.

The method is Particle Particle Emitter fed into the Fields Particle Emitter, which is something I got from a Notch tutorial but maybe there’s a better way? (I’m trying to stay away from the Vortex Affector, as I really want to make this work with particles->fields if possible).

btw, this is what i’m trying to get…(except all the way around) How to make 3D Smoke Effect | Houdini Tutorial - YouTube