How to make gun shoting from moving object ???

I need help, I’m trying make gun shot from moving plane in link below video
As You see I chose particle system to do it (of course in video the are just turn on with out nice fx;) ) , but there is a problem. Afters shot plane change his rotation and position, in real word “bullets” after shot stay on their course. How do that?? or from another side, how to hook up emitter to wing (because patching in emitter node position and rotation doesn’t work ) without parenting ???
Maybe use other type of emission?? objects?? help ?:slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

Because your Particle Root is parented through the Null to the Object, The particle system will be moved with the Object.

Parent the Particle Root to the Root node, and connect the Object into the Primitive Emitters “Transformation” input. This means that the movement of the Object will only affect the Primitive Emitter, not the whole particle system. Something like this:

[attachment file=19763]



OK great it’s work (i’m stupid i have tried this way but I leave it because xyz etc. parameters didn’t response on emitter but now null node is the chief)