Particle system tips and tricks

Hello good people,

A while ago I made this video with several of my favourite things about Notch particles, I figured I will leave a list of things mentioned in the video and a link, perhaps it will come in handy to some of you :slight_smile:

00:35 Particles and Post FX | Voronoi Post FX
04:34 Field Affector for video processing with no Field system
10:00 Particle Sprite animation | Fire effect
14:07 Particles and Clones
15:46 Particles and Deformers | Physics-based Shattering of your 3D model
19:51 Particles and Procedurals
25:16 Particles and Fields | Render your smoke simulation as 3D spheres
27:32 Particles as light sources | Use particles to light up your scene
29:03 Particle system position control with a unified controller/control point
33:46 Particle connection to 3D mesh bones | Emit particles from the human model hands