Procedural Weightmap from Kinect (Azure)


Hi all, if anyone has a Kinect and would be willing to take a quick look at this for me I’d really appreciate it!
I’ve tried rigging up a procedural weightmap from a Kinect source, via the particle mesh emitter - I followed the quick tip from Ryan (thanks for those videos!) and I’ve got the weightmap working fine with a cellular noise in the procedural system, and I’ve also successfully got the mesh emitter to feed into a Particles from Primitives generator in the Procedural system - but I can’t get that to work with the Generate Weight Map Deformer…

I’ve attached the DFX in the state where the weightmap from the Cellular noise is visible - if you switch this off and switch on the Procedural Meshing and the Particles from Primitives nodes, you’ll see that side working, but it won’t create a weightmap.

Procedural Weightmap From Depth.dfx (50.6 KB)