Procedural system to contain field fluids

Hi guys, I’m guessing there’s no way at present to use a procedural to ‘contain’ a field fluid system? Similar to that of the particle procedural affector set to invert collision?

I’ve tried using combine geo with the procedurals and using the fields 3d collision affector but that doesn’t seem to do what i want.


Sadly not - for the next release (take a shot) fields have been overhauled and collisions for fields are significantly improved, but as for 9.23 its not really possible for complex meshes.

I will say going through combine geometry wouldn’t help things because a procedural system isn’t geometry - you can render it as geometry with meshing, but under the hood it’s a completely different way of representing volumes/surfaces. They would need a specific node to be used with fields, like the procedural emitter.

– Ryan

No worries, looking forward to seeing what’s been cooking!

Cheers Ryan