Procecural / Fluid Affector


Have a basic nodegraph that uses a 3d model to procedural. I am adding the Fluid Affector to the Procedural hierarchy. Everything works as expected until I hit the Jump to Start of Layer button. The mesh disappears once that button is pressed. Can’t get the mesh to show up again, unless I delete the existing Fluid Affector Node and replace it. Is this normal behavior?

Hey Aj,

That sounds super weird. Could you send your project file to, and we’ll take a look at it for you?



Hi, having the same issue here, I am not able to render out my scene, any workaround so far?
If I connect my 3d object to the procedural’s root node - the 3d object appears in the viewport - then I delete the connection - and after that

the fluid effector works - but I could not do that for rendering - is there a way to reload the setup at rendertime? The same issue when I reopen the file, or when I jump to the start of the timeline.
(actually i am having a deadline - so would be nice to render it…:frowning:

this was solved privately in support, so just following up here. It looks like the 3D Object node doesn’t get updated underneath Fluid Affector, but you can trick it into activating by adding a Procedural Null set to blend, setting the blend amount to 0, and adding it as a second parent to the 3D object and childing it to the root. this tells the 3D object to activate, without actually contributing to the scene.

– Ryan

I do appreciate your quick help - thank you:)

The recent years was about SDF (and Volumes in general)
and this area (Field:) is strong in notch, I hope it develops further, I can hardly wait for it to work at a higher resolutions, even if only for offline renderings. And some kind of a raycasting method would be also nice to have in order to re-project the sdf solution to an ordinary 3d mesh.

Cheers, Ivo