Particles dissapear on timeline end. Fixed update does not work. Cloner on particles

Hi everyone,
I know this is a simple question and i used to know the answer but I can’t remember for the life of me how to fix this issue. I have a timeline with particles , i have a cloner on the particles, when i reach the end of the timeline the clones glitch in and out. The clones are not shorter than the timeline. I know that this was a something to do with the fixed upadte of the particles but no matter what I try they always jump back. Also i have a time stretch node that slows the simiulation down. When i use the fixed update the stretch node seems to not work.
Any ideas.

If you’ve got a dfx I’d be happy to take a look - but you shouldn’t be using the fixed update rate to slow down a simulation. Fixed update rate controls when the particle system updates, so it’s very easy to cause problems if the particles are updating at different times to the live fps. Time stretch actually alters the perceived time for the child node, so time goes slower because the time deltas as shorter.

Using the two together will break time stretch because the deltas between frames are now being set by the fixed update rate - that’s kind of the whole point is to get consistent time deltas, which time stretch is designed to alter.

– Ryan