Trail Renderer only work at « runtime »


My project is locked to 60/60 FPS and I’m using a Trail Renderer for my Particles.
There are numerous situations where the Trail Renderer not working as needed.
Like for example if I Pre-roll Particles, change the timecode playhead or simply by scrubbing into the animation.

I tried to cache my Particles System, different Trail Mode or activate various parameters (like “Project > Scrubbing”, what is this for ?) but that kind of node does not work like those “Locked To Timecode” or “Running/Loopable”.
I’m pretty sure I stumble upon other nodes acting like this since I’m scrubbing a lot to sync various effects and see inconsistencies when rendering videos.

Is there a way to Lock To Timecode, cache or force those nodes to work in an absolute way ?


Notch doesn’t cache simulations automatically while your playing back content, so when you go back in time the particles wont always look the same. You can cache out a particle system manually using the Particle Cache node, but the trails themselves aren’t particles - just a way of rendering the particles to the scene, so they won’t scrub. Notch isn’t really designed for that workflow at present.

– Ryan