Export Render Ignores Particle Pre-Roll

Hi guys,

I have a particle system with a pre-roll time of ten seconds on their roots, which on playback appears to work as intended. When exporting, it ignores the pre-roll, even with pre-roll enabled in the exporter dialogue.

Any ideas?

DFX here: Flythrough.dfx - Google Drive


I think you’ve spotted an issue with the trail renderer - it doesn’t generate trails while the pre-roll is running. This is a known issue, hopefully we’ll be able to get to it by 1.0.

– Ryan

Hey Ryan, thanks, yeah i noticed with the trails but also with the mesh emitters (and particles).

If you reset the playhead, the particles should have already spawned with life colour shading applied (due to pre-roll), like this (0:00):

But once rendered, it begins like this (0:00):

The only way around this was to have the the whole sequence run twice and then cut it in the middle (so the second run would already have all the particles born).