Particle trail renderer trails dissappearing randomly

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, I’m following the tutorial, Geometry-Based Particle Systems in Chapter 07: Particle Systems.
I followed the tutorial exactly, but my geometry trails keep randomly dissappearing. I thought maybe this is due to me not following correctly, so I opened the example scene that is provided, layer 3 Geometry based particle system, and the trails seem to be randomly popping off there too.

Any advice on why this may be happening?
I tried various settings matching the tutorial and messing about with all the different parameters…
My scene is locked in to running at 30fps min/max
I’m using the Builder Learning License
Notch Builder // PLE
windows 10
128gb Ram
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 (notch benchmark 37536)
xenon w-2145 3.7ghz

Usually this is because of trail fade mode. You may need to adjust the decay and fade times so the particles fade out closer to how you like. Upload a dfx and I can take a closer look.



thanks, I was messing about with those parameters yeah, heres a sample scene and vid showing how it looks my end:

the file: