Beginner question about FPS

I’m going through Notch Essentials: Online Edition course now and I have a question on Chapter 7, Geometry-Based Particle Systems.

In that video on 07:00 min, Arminas is showing the difference between locked Min:25, Max:25 FPS vs free actual FPS set to Min:0, Max:999.

As I understand, he actually leaves his project to locked 25 FPS because of the length of the trails. But later in the video, he sets his Trail Fade Mode to “Length” instead of “Time”. So they are not anymore dependent on the FPS and time, no?

I was wondering, is there any special reason for that he kept his FPS locked to 25, instead of making it min:0, max:999? Should we always want to set our FPS to locked and why?

Thanks for your attention!

Hey There,

Trails are generated per point every frame, so lowering the FPS means there will be a greater distance between points, hence, a longer trail.

but that is just the generating of the trail, the rendering of the trail involves a line being drawn along those points, usually with a fade at the end. Armin setting the fade mode to length instead of time means the trail rendering will try to keep the same length, regardless of the number of points generated and distance between them.

I explain trails in depth in this tutorial, so give it a look if you have more questions.

In general, locking your fps to 25/30/60 or whatever you are rendering with, helps in the long run as you can reliably build a scene knowing what the outcome will look like.



thanks a lot for that comprehensive clarification and the link as well!

I look forward to immersing myself in your workshop(s) soon and finding out more!

Keep up the great work,