How to change "substeps" or particle distance in the Trail Emitter

TrailEmitterSample.dfx (5.3 KB)

Hi guys,

I-m trying to wrap my head around the trail emitter.
I have a primitive Emitter beeing tracked by a trail emitter and he shall track each single particle of the primitive emitter, but emit a trail-particle only every fixed interval - lets say every 10 frames or every 10 centimeter.
I don’t want a line of particles but individual points with a defined distance from each other.

I played around with a test scene by ryan (attached) for a while now and can not find any property that adjusts the amount of particles beeing used to track the individual particles of the parent emitter.

“Max particle per source particle” sounds like it would control this but it does not change anything.
“Emitter Active” also seems to have no impact on the scene.
I can set the max particle count but that just randomly selects some of the particles and puts a trail there…not what I want.

Or is the trail emitter the wrong tool to go this route?

Thanks in advance and best,

At present we don’t have a “spacing” property to limit the emissions for the trail emitter. For now, I would just lower the emission rate a low to add more spacing between particles. theres is currently an issue where low emission rates can bias some particles over others, but i managed to resolve that in this scene by locking the FPS update rate and setting the root node to interpolate - check out the scene attached.

TrailEmitterSample.dfx (5.4 KB)

– Ryan

Kisses Ryan! Thank you for your help and the updated scene!
Fixed update is a good hint though the setting you sent is a bit of a sweet spot - right?
As soon as I change parameters I loose control again. But anyhow that should do the trick for now.
thanks again!

Yeh you’ll need to fudge some numbers around at present, but it will still hold up I think. Best of luck with your project!

– Ryan