Emit on trigger

Hi all

I am having a hard time constructing an ‘emit on trigger’ particle system -

Using ‘primitive emitter’ with ‘clone to particle’ and OSC to actívate/desactive the emitter it partially works but does not allow me to emit a new particle/object until the former particle burst is gone.

I will need it to emit a particle on demand, one each time it gets triggered.
(I build a similar system in Smode which has a ‘trigger on input’ option. But I need in in notch this time around)

Any help will be deeply appreciated


Difficult to say without a project file, but at a guess, I think you are emitting particles too fast an hitting the max particle count of the emitter. Check the particle metrics in the particle root. If so, I’d increase the max particle count, probably the same in the root, and lower the emission rate.

– Ryan