How to spawn 3d object using a trigger

I am trying to spawn the object every time I hit a key. I use ‘primitive emitter’ with ‘clone to particle’ node to spawn the object. For triggering the spawn I use ‘key modifier’ connected to ‘Emitter Active’ property of the ‘Primitive Emitter’ node. It works only after first burst die. How to create object or objects every time I hit a key?

It seems to work fine for me. I think you might be running out of particles, so you might want to set them a bit higher. You could also be running out of clones in the Clone to Particle node. You could try lowering their lifespan too.

I can’t get exact timing there is always out of sync bursts. In my case particles should live at least 5 seconds. If I replace the key modifier with audio reactive modifier out of sync will be more noticeable.

I’ve found a quick solution with “mesh renderer” so I can pick a 3d mesh as particle and spawning works better. Have no idea how to make variations in spawned mesh shapes. With cloner it was possible though.


I have the same issue not managing to get it to work properly:

Since the mesh render is deprecated did you find an alternative solution?