Particle emission rate

Hi! What’d be the correct math for making particles spawn evenly over time with no “lumps” amountwise? From the manual it says emission rate is the percentage of partcles emitted per second, but if I make a system where the particles live for 10 seconds, and the emission rate set to 10, they are not born evenly…

Anyone? Thanks! JM

Hey There!

The value of particle emission rate dictates how quickly the particles will be emitted per second, so at 0.1 only 10% of the particle max (of the emitter) will be emitted per second, whereas as 10 all of the particles will be emitted in a tenth of a second. The particle life and randomness also factor into this, as new particles won’t be emitted if the max particle count is reached and the emitter will wait for older particles to die.

When the particle emitter first activates, there aren’t any other particles in the scene, so it will immediately emit all the new particles at once. This will end up as a “pulse” of new particles, as most of the particles wont die for a while, and the new particles will only emit when older particles are killed.

If you turn on Show Metrics in the Particle Root, you should see the particle count from the emitter. My advice would be to adjust your particle emission rate until the particles are emitted at a rate consistently close to, but below that of the max particle count (I find this is usually best around 0.45 - 0.5).

– Ryan