Particle Fade Out Near Clip

Hey Girls & Guys,

im having an issue with my Particles and i was wondering if someone could help me with it. I have a particle system and the particles are flying to the camera. I dont want them to fly in it too close so i limited them by near clip. Everything is fine but they are just popping off now. Is it possible to make the disappearing by fade? Or do i have to deal with it? In Particular (where i came from ) this was possible so i miss it here.
Thanks in advance, Saskia

You can try putting a Kill Box affector around the camera which will cull any particles that go too close

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Thanks for the hint! With the Decay Rate i was able to do what i was looking for!

Camera near clip would be a bad solution I think - lots of knock issues could come about from that that wont necessarily be noticable at first. kill box could do a similar thing with popping out although decay rate could work, I would also suggest the Scale Affector to shrink the size as the particles get closer or potentially distance shading to fade the alpha as they get closer to the camera.

– Ryan

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Yes! Thats a good idea too to shrink them down. Thank you!