Geometry Connection Renderer

I am currently using the Geometry Connection Particle Renderer which makes the look I am trying to achieve. The main quality it is missing is that the lines and triangles pop on and off. Is there any way to have these fade in and out based on the distance between particles?

Ideally there would also be a way to have the lines be drawn only based on distance from other particles with a max lines per particle amount similar to the line connection renderer and disable the line connection lifetime.

After Effects Plexus Plugin


Hi Brian,

Yes, there is a way!

For the lines, there is an attribute called “Lines Alpha”; this will allow the lines to fade in and out.
For the triangles, you can change the Alpha mode to Alpha Blend. Attached is an example project Geometry connection fade in and out.dfx (73.4 KB)


Thanks Harrison,

This fix allows the tringles to globally fade all in or all out.

In the ae plugin there is the option to graph the opacity over distance. This allows the triangles to fade out as they start to reach the distance threshold. Is there a similar function within the triangles geometry which would allow new triangles to not pop in and instead gradually fade in or out as they come within the distance threshold?

Generic Plexus_V02.dfx (2.5 MB)

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