Post FX on particle

When applying a Post effect of glow to the Particle Root the glow affects all of the video chain
cant i limit the reach of the post effect?

current workflow
video source > null node > image plane
video source > null node > down sample > optical flow > image Emitter
Particle root > point renderer > glow


For various technical reasons, it’s not possible to filter out just the particles on their own using this approach. Would great if it did! You can filter meshes with Affected Objects input but not particles.

So you need another way round this challenge…

The best option is to use the Render Layer node, which is essentially a ‘mini-root-node’ that inherits its camera and position from the main root node. It has a few limitations (like it doesn’t depth test), but for your setup it should be fine.

See project at:

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@lukem THANKS!