Particles disappear in 3D RT Glas-Cube with Pathtracing

hey guys,

i built a 3D Cube with a RT Glas Material. Using Pathtracer.
After plugin the RT Glas Material my Particles are disappearing from inside of the Cube.
So what i made wrong? Which Node or Tick i missed ;/

thx a lot

Try to connect glass refraction node.

hey thx for the answer … unfortunately still doesn’t work.
i can see other 3D Objects. That works. But not my Particle. hmm …

if i connect the Particles to a Cloner it also works … just only Particles are not visible ;/

I reckon the Issue here is with the Render Layer node. By using a render layer, you are separating the particles rendering from the glass cube, so it won’t appear in the glass anymore. I’d take it out the render layer, increase emissiveness, and increase the glow threshold until only the particles receive the glow.

– Ryan