How to glow only particles


I have in my scene 3D object and particles, how to connect glow node and particles to glow them but not other stuff?? I can make the opposite situation that glows only 3D object.
next step will be using it with volume shadow shading.

Thanks for help

Hi There,

There isn’t a way to toggle apply only to particles, like you can with opaque objects.
However, there are multiple ways to get the same effect depending on the scene your working on.

I think your best bet is to connect the particle system and the glow node to a render layer node. This node will render its children separately to the other nodes in the scene, meaning the glow effect should only apply to the particles.

Another solution relies on the glow nodes threshold attribute. By raising the threshold, the glow will only be applied to brighter parts of the scene. if you know the object is darker than the particles, raising the threshold should work.



Hi there :slight_smile:

This question was already asked few weeks ago, here’s the link :
It’s really easy way and also really helpful with creating other animations :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

Ok, I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that is “post FX” node type.
I will check if this solve all my problems;)

Thanks ALL!

another idea, is there a possibility to view two Layers? turnoff solo mode?? I found invert option but it won’t work properly?

No problem!

What do you mean? Can you send a screenshot or something? :slight_smile:

In order to be able to comp multiple layers (turn off Solo), go into Project -> Settings Menu and turn off “Layers As Separate Effects”.

Ok Yes this project setting I missed. GREAT THANKS