360 Camera - Glow FX Problem


I am a new user of Notch and I am trying a 360 Video.

In my Notch file, I am using a particle to cloner system to create a Rain of petals and I am also using some random cloners to create multiple 3D flowers on the ground.
All of this works perfectly.

But when I want to create some Glow effect on the flowers, I’ve got some problems.

Indeed, the Render Layer linked to Cloner and to the Glow FX, doesn’t work at all (I think that the Render Layer can’t be used with a 360 Camera). I found a solution by using a Glow effect on the specific 3D objets linked that are then cloned by the Random Cloner Node. It works but I don’t know it if is optimised to clone a “glowed object”.

But with the Glow effect, It seems to create a box outline on the 360 Camera.
As this problem appears just on the 360 Camera, I think it’s due to the fact that some FX aren’t compatible with this Camera.

Does someone has a solution ? The glow effect is quite important on this scene.

Thank you !

Many of the post-fx nodes aren’t going to work with VR, issues with depth mean you cant just apply them in 2D and they need more advanced methods / potentially new nodes.

The glow in this case is because the render layer is using the cube maps rathe than the image as a whole, I’ll pass this onto the dev team to look at further.

– Ryan