VR 360 Camera + Post-FX

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know which postfx are supported when using the VR 360 Camera? Curious which ones retain a seamless look.


I’m not sure we have a clear list, but the short answer is that anything that distorts, warps, or blurs the image won’t work, but simple stuff like colour correction will work.

Even then, I’ve used glow on VR and if its not too strong it can go unnoticed.

– Ryan

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You can turn this on its head sometimes…

I worked on something using 360 footage cut down to HD with post-keyframed pans and tilts around the scene, I wanted to put some blurring in that responded to the audio while integrating with the 3D space.

So I ran an FFT generator as a texture on a sphere, with spherical mapping and a mirror postfx node, and recorded a 360 output. The post-keyframed pans and tilts were done with a Premiere Pro plugin for GoPro clips. I ran the FFT recording through the same key framed timeline and got a matte that moved with the footage while representing the audio.

The point being there are always ways to translate 2D/3D/360 data even if it’s between softwares. And also that mattes are compositing bread and butter no matter how cutting edge the main output is. Always always remember if you invest time in building bespoke mattes you can composite anything together!

Okay. rant over.

Awesome, thanks for sharing some of your findings! There are so many ways to approach this stuff its great to see some of your process. Mind blenders under every rock.