Glow isn't working

Hey guys,
I’m trying to add glow to a object but it doesn’t work. I connected my 3D-shape to the affected objects input, and checked both the settings it needs. So the glow node isn’t red anymore, but still there is no effect happening. Do you guys know how to fix this?


It’s difficult to say without a dfx - we have a quick tip that covers everything you need to do, is it possible you skipped something here?

If not, I’d need to see a project file to take further guesses.

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This is probably too late for you, but I encountered the same issue recently and it turned out to be the hierarchy order of my nodes. If you’ve got a whole bunch of nodes together as a group doing the one thing, grab them all and move them about the nodegraph workspace and see if it makes a difference.

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Yes, you are right great reply, node stacking order in Notch is very important.

Here is a quick tip on how it works: