Importing a glowing 3d model from mixamo

Hi! I’m importing a 3d model from [



It looks like this with glowing parts in blender | cinema 4d

Glowing parts do not show up in notch however

Looking for the optimal way to achieve this in notch

  • make a material/texture glow? ( struggling with that)
  • separate meshes to follow the main one and glow? (seems like an overkill)
  • create procedural meshes in notch that would follow body parts?

I would probably separate the mesh that needs to glow from the rest of the model in a different software, then add both of them in notch. Then you can use a glow node and link your glow mesh to the glow node, make sure to tick “apply to opaque objects only”.

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A bit tedious, but it worked! Thanks!

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