Particles gap

Very simple question about particles.

Why I get always this gap when start the emission and then it comes to be normal (continuous)?

And It seems that my lights do not affect the particles just the solid geometry.

And about the disguise server.

Which is the best workflow for update Notchs blocks through the network with the media server.


Hey Edgar,

The Particles emit based on their emission rate and the Number of particles available in the pool. At the beginning, lots of particles are emitted until the available particle pool is depleted, and then once those particles begin to die the particles then re-spawn.

In short, lower the emission rate and you should see a more continuous flow of particles.

For you second question, you can use a network connection. Devices > Network Connection, and enter the IP of the server you want to modify (if the same machine, use localhost), and you will be able to live edit that project.

You will need to export the block once finished.



Hey Ryan!

Yes I tried with a low emission rate but I didn’t get a good effect, maybe just I need to still testing with velocity, gravity etc.

About the workflow, thanks I used to export the block and use it in the server before enter the IP. Other question I need to update the block again in some way?

The really second question was about If the lights affect the particles (not just the shadow) coz It seems that my lights do not affect the particles just the solid geometry like in the last screenshot.

Thanks a lot.

Hey Edgar,

My mistake - I must have missed the lighting issue. Yes, particles can cast shadows.

You will need to make sure:

A) Deferred Rendering is enabled in the Root node.
B) Your Light has Cast Shadows enabled.
C) Your Point Renderer has Cast Shadows Enabled.

I’ve attached an example.

And to respond to the workflow comment, the block inside the media server will update automatically as you make changes to the scene in Builder once the network connection has been made. As I said before, you still need to export the project to the media server again once your happy with the changes.



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Thanks Ryan,

I already could make the update work but I had just the doubt about the update (just saving or exporting again), now I know.

But about the lights my doubt is more about the luminosity over the particles because these always emit light like you can see in your example even when I do a small cone angle. Seems that the light do not affect the particles, just the solid geometry behind it.

Thanks again.