.OBJ import: Scene Scale parameter is useless. Bug?

Hi, guys.
I don’t know if it’s a bug, but setting the Scene Scale parameter on importing an .obj file seems to have no effect on the model - one has to set the scale manually in the 3D Object’s Transform section. To repro: try to import any of the models from the famous Andrew Kramer’s Futuristic Buildings Community pack: http://www.videocopilot.net/community/future_city_pack/.

Thank you.


This has already taken care of - along with the ability to flip the Z on OBJs, which were coming through reversed from some exports. New build coming this week or so.

Cool. Thanks!
I’ve also noticed that the.obj importer supports only one material. Could be nice to be able to import multi-material OBJs. Obviously, that’s a feature request for one of the future releases :wink:

The scale and flip issue is now fixed in the following maintenance release: https://www.notch.one/support/forums/topic/maintenance-release-0-9-18-014/