New update Affected FBX Scaling

Hey all, I just updated to the newest version 9.23.125. when i reopened a project i was working on after the update. All the scaling, rotations and positions on all my FBX files were all out of whack. even if i resized and re position them to appear to be close to what i had all the items parented to them are all off, plus all the modifier scales no longer match the scene. Ive spent months fine tuning these animations with hundreds of nodes. now they are all broken.
What changed? did the scaling system change? Was how the FBX files interpreted changed?
Is there a way I go back to my previous version of Notch where everything worked for me?
Is there anything i can do fix this in the current version?
or do i have suck it up and re-do all my programming?
I can provide what ever you need to see, screen shots, logs, .dfx

This issue was resolved through direct support - in summary for others with the same issue:

An older version of Notch Builder had an issue with FBX importing that was resolved in a recent update. The fix introduced a breaking change which was documented and marked as Important in the release change log.

The scene referenced in this issue specifically relied on the old FBX import behavior, so updating to the new release with the old project file left as is was the source of the issue. Please make sure to always read the release notes as we highlight important and breaking changes there.