Notch crashes when importing a FBX with bones with duplicated names


When importing a FBX scene, and then dragging it into the nodegraph, Notch Builder crashes. After a lot of testing importing/exporting from different softwares, I finally got an error message on Spark AR. One of the bones on the imported animated mesh had a single duplicated bone name. Changed the name and now it works.

Repro steps:

Importing and placing this model in the nodegraph will crash Notch Builder:

Importing this one will work correctly, the only difference is that the bone “GrumpyMeSpine” is not duplicated.

Expected result:

An error message could appear saying “Duplicated bone names found, please change them and reimport” ?

Actual result:

Crash to desktop

Hi Lucas,

I reported this bug to the devs team.
Thanks for your feedback.