NVIDIA Body Tracker Skeleton - 3D Model

Hi all, I’m doing some experimenting with the NVIDIA Body Tracker Skeleton. I’ve been using the Template project and it all works as it should. However, I’ve been trying to replace the base model with another one and I’ve been having mixed results. I’ve downloaded a model from Turbosquid and uploaded it to Mixamo for optimisation. I can apply animations to it in Mixamo and it works as it should, but when I download it and import it into Notch and run it in to the node, the model becomes hilariously deformed, the poor guy’s legs are over his head! I then tried experimenting with different stock models from Mixamo and I found that some work fine and some become just as deformed.

My question is, are there any particular settings/rules for importing /designing 3D models for tracking? Is there something I’m missing that can easily fix the folded over human beings?

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Importing characters for fbx always comes with some confusion, you just need to make sure you can apply the right options on import. Usually, I find disabling convert axes works, but I’d need to see the file you are working with to see what works.

– Ryan

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