Multiple Screen Setup


I tried to create simple multi display setup. It was a bit confusing just to follow manual. So I will put the process here. Please share your ideas how this setup is efficient, I am not sure that this is a right way.


Two independed screens with 1920X1080 resolution.

  1. Set the project to Multi-Monitor

  1. Set your output width to 3840 (1920*2) and height to 1080. Set rendering to Crop / Border Output to Window

Depending on screen resolution just RES icon and set 4x4 to see the whole canvas

  1. Setup the scene output

I use Render To Texture node to render content to it. Top Render to Texture for left screen and bottom Render To Texture for right screen. All child nodes of Render to Texture going to render to off-screen buffer and you could add post effects like you usually do with a Root Node. Child nodes could be 3d scene or 2d images. Then you need connect output to Image 2D to render texture

Here is parameters for the left Image 2D

And for right Image 2D

  1. Setup displays and feeds.

It was most confusing part for me at first but right now it is very simple. When you touch Feed Region parameter you’ll see a preview rectangle it gives you information about coordinates for source and if you move on to Dest then it is going to be a screen render region. Sometimes second screen doesn’t show up after you firs build the app, if you hit full-screen option at first launch then in the next launch it is going to be ok.