Render region in notch

Hello friends.

Is the any ability to render region in notch. I mean render one by one my screen “patches”?

For example I have setup with my scene with 10000x2000 and I need render separately every region for 4 pieces 2500x2000 each. How can I do this? Maybe in notch I have some camera options for this task, something like render region were I can put coordinate of my region or so? I will be very appreciated for any idea or help! Thanks!

I think “region camera” node is what you looking for.

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There’s a lot of ways to do this, the easiest way is to use the Multi camera to render each camera to the viewport, but it highly depends on the content you want to put up. got a dfx, or can you elaborate further?



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Thank you friends!
In my case I have a dfx test project in them, will be great, to take 4 region for render 4000x1200, 2000x1200, 4000x1200, 2000x1200. So logicaly I need 4 multicams with solid selected render area region accordinatly to target resolution 4000,2000,4000,2000. multicam.dfx (169.1 KB)

Ah I see - a single multicam wouldn’t work there, but you could do it with a couple render to textures. Take the scene, and put it under a null, then parent that null under to two separate render to texture nodes. Set one resolution to 8000x1200, and the other to 4000x1200. now add a multi cam to both with two cameras connected. the multi cam connected to the 8k render to texture will do both the 4k resolutions, the other will do both the 2k resolutions. then take the output of the render to textures to 4 seperate image 2Ds, crop, rescale and arrange them in the viewport. that is the typical workflow I see for these use cases.

Also, region camera wouldn’t be necessary here, you could just use normal cameras too.

– Ryan

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Thank you so much for your detailed answer! WIll try this setup :slight_smile: