Multiple NDI Outputs from Different Cameras

Hello - I am trying to output two separate NDI streams, each from a UV camera of an object. I can only get one stream to output at a time (whichever camera is active in the Viewport).

I have tried turning off Layers As Separate Effects and separating the objects and UV cameras into different layers, to no avail. What am I missing?


What you missing is “multi camera” node. Its still one stream so have to split it outside the notch.


Thanks, Mat. So then it’s not possible to send multiple UV cameras out via NDI? It needs to be one stream?

Not sure. Its just a way around if you not able to send multiple ndi streams.

Force your camera setup render with a “Render to Texture node” you can adjust the resolution of the camera directly in the node without tweaking the render resolution in your root.