Lines to Imag in Depth

hey, how should i start this?

  • using lines … can’t “break” them into sections
  • using cloner … can create lines, but can they react in depth like this?

Hi Falk,

I used the virtual background remover to create a mask which I sent into a procedural system to generate a weight map which drives a few deformers.

This is where I would start, hope this helps.

I would post the dfx but 58 mb is too large to upload here, I can always link it from drop box temporarily if you really need/want it.


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oh, yep. interesting. :slight_smile:
why is so big. because of the footage? can you exclude this from the dfx?
for now let me try to build this by your screenshot. If i struggle i will ask :slight_smile:
thx so much !! good idea.

There are probably 100s of ways of doing this, here is my super simple stab at it.

LinesDisplacementExample.dfx (38.0 KB)

Shape 3D set to line array, displacement is done with a displacement map, and there’s just a bit of flipping to get everything to line up. super easy.


cool. yessss. thx :slight_smile: i assumed that there are many ways. Notch is a great Laboratory. Often happens that i was looking for smthg and found other cool stuff :slight_smile: