FreeD protocol support


Is there any plans to support the FreeD protocol ( It would be nice to be able to implement Panasonic PTZ cameras in a semi-tracked setup.


Hi Martinus,

There are no plans to support FreeD natively in Builder, no. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it’s because many media servers (such as TouchDesigner and disguise) already support it, and the best way to use Notch content in those circumstances is to export a Notch block for those servers.

Builder (and standalone exports) are not meant as replacements for a full media server, which is what you’d want to use in a more complicated setup such as one involving tracked cameras.

Aha, from searching a bit I was under the impression that Disguise didn’t support it either, but then it’s all good! Thank you :slight_smile:

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They added that support in r17.1 (

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