Control 3D Object "Layer Index" with Envelope Modifier?

Hello! I’m Looking to switch through a bunch of different 3D models easily with an Envelope Modifier.

Thought I’d try and be clever by adding multiple models together in C4D, importing them in a 3D Object, and then selecting them with an Envelope Modifier attached to the “Layer Index” input.

Everything works as you’d imagine when scrolling through the Layer Index via the drop-down list, but I’m not having luck selecting using the attached Envelope Modifier. Am I missing a step, or is this not currently possible?

I can accomplish what I need using condition modifiers with multiple 3D objects and what not… but was thinking this would be a little easier and fun.

Hey Brett,

A nice idea! But I think you would have much better results with the Select Child Node. If you connect all your Object nodes as children to the Select Child Node, you can use an envelope modifier to select which object is being used.

Attached is an example.



Ah! That’s great!

I haven’t played with the Select Child Node until now and it seems to be working nicely.

FYI in case anyone else tries this inside a cloner like I was: Placing a Null between the Cloner and Select Child Node will make things work.
Routing Cloner > Select Child Node > Multiple Objects didn’t work for me.
Routing Cloner > Null > Select Child Node > Multiple Objects does the trick.
photo attached if it helps.

Thanks for the quick reply and help, Ryan!