I need to control multiple layers with one envelope for export to a media server

I have a scene with multiple layers, the main one being a composite of the others via layer precomps and some post fx.

2x layers have select child nodes and each has an exposed envelope modifier, I copied it and chose to not make unique identifiers, hoping this would mean at the media server end, one fader could control both select child nodes whilst we are seeing the main composite layer. The shared identifier works but…

When testing this in the FXPlayerHost - I can see that I can only access each of the Select Child envelope modifiers only when first select (and so displaying) the layer they exist in.

Does this translate to an actual media server? It is for Green Hippo in this instance…

If so - what is the best approach for me to have one master control on the composite layer that switches between children on the 2 other layers simultaneously?

Really appreciate any help on this…

I solved my own issue with a lovely little face palm moment - just thought I’d share in case it helps anyone else.

So, I just copied the envelope modifier again into the main composite layer and again chose NOT to create a unique modifier

And it just works, I was hung up on how to connect that modifier through to the other layers, but it doesn’t need to be connected to anything in the node graph as it’s linked via its unique identifier.

While I’m on this topic though is there a way to hide layers from a Block? I don’t want them to accidentally chose a wrong layer.