Can you use a Notch Builder Dongle for Playback License?

Hi There,

Is it possible to use my existing Builder Dongle for a 30 day Playback license?

I have an installation coming up and I realise I’m cutting it fine to get a new dongle sent out in time, so hoping I can use my existing dongle for a playback license if the new dongle doesn’t arrive in time?



Hi Sam,

It’s technically possible, but we do not recommend it, as you would be without your Builder license in that time, and moving licenses between dongles is a bit of a pain (and also includes an additional charge because we manually have to oversee the transfer).

When/where is your show and have you ordered your Playback dongle yet? We usually ship worldwide in just a matter of days.

Hi bent,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been speaking with you on the notch Facebook forum. The event is in Sydney from oct 17th -27th, but I fly out from Perth to Sydney In 1 week. My builder dongle took a week to arrive so I’m a little nervous.

If it all falls apart, it does look like I’ve found someone who can rent me a playback license locally in Sydney; but it is rather pricey so I’d like to try and purchase direct from you ideally.


Following up on email, closing.