Arrays with Opacity Easing

Is there a trick to using “Easing Affects Point Opacities?”
I’ve been testing with Mouse Point Arrays and TUIO Arrays, and even with a very simple scene, I’m not able to get opacity easing working with Image 2Ds or Shape 3Ds - even in Alpha Blended mode. “Easing Affects Point Scales” seems to work fine though. Any thoughts?

I don’t believe Shape3Ds has an Opacity property; neither does Image2D, so that’s probably why?

Image 2D I wouldn’t expect to work, I’d expect that property to only work for geometry. Shape 3D would only work with alpha blending, so your report that it doesn’t is interesting. Got a project file?

– Ryan

Thanks, yeah I had hoped/assumed if I could adjust the alpha on something, the array nodes would be able to drive that with the opacity easing parameter.

The forum wouldn’t allow me upload my file as a new user, but here’s a link to a super simple test file. I have alpha blending on, so I can adjust the alpha of the shape 3d. When I enter/exit the viewport with my mouse, scale easing works, but opacity easing does not.

Do you think there’s some other node or material option I could use with an “opacity” to get something like this to work?