Why are some properties not keyframe enabled?

Hi, just curious…

In a Shape 3D node for example, though I’m sure I’ve noticed this in other node properties, why is it that Radius and Subdivisions not accessible properties to keyframe or control from another node?

Would open up some interesting options, I know Radius can just be controlled instead by Scale, but subdivision count changing via for example a random noise Math Modifier would be great!

My workaround for this is to use a Select Child and create new Shape 3Ds for each option that I want to go through…

I’m not sure about those properties specifically, but not all properties can be animated at present for a variety of reasons - primarily because some properties can change the memory usage a lot and this would be unstable for exported blocks. We’re discussing solutions for this in the next major release, but for now, the select child method is the way to go.

– Ryan

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